JSC Result 2016

JSC Result 2016 will publish soon. Junior School Certificate or in short JSC, is a public examination for the students of class eight. Equivalent certificates provided to the Madrasa’s students are called the Junior Dakhil Certificate or JDC. Students passed on this examination are provided JSC and given the chance to admit in class Nine (9). In the year of 2010 in Bangladesh these JCS and JDC examinations were held for the first time. So guys, Get Fast Your Result from our website. You can easily get your JSC Result 2016 & JSC Scholarship Result 2016 easily from this blog. According to Ministry of Education, JSC Scholarship Result 2016 & JSC Rescrutiny Result 2016 will be publish soon. You can easily get your results from our website.

JSC Result 2016

JSC Exam Result 2016 Get fast from this website. Junior School Certificate examination is taken on 9 subjects. Each subject contains 100 marks and in totals 900 marks in 9 subjects. There are no multiple choice questions in English 1st paper and English 2nd paper. In Bangle 1st paper, Bangle 2nd paper, General Science, Social Science, Islamic Studies, Agriculture Science/Home Economics and Mathematics contain descriptive question as well as multiple choice questions.
250 marks from 900 marks of these examinations are from multiple questions. Bangle 1st paper, Bangle 2nd paper, General Science, Social Science, Islamic Studies, Agriculture Science/Home Economics- these 6 subjects have the multiple choose questions. Examinees are to answer these descriptive and multiple Choose Questions in a uniform answer sheet. Marks allocated for Multiple Choose Questions (MCQ) to each paper are shown below:
  • Bangle 1st paper (Total 100 marks)- 40 marks
  • Bangle 2nd paper (Total 50 marks)-20 marks
  • English 1st paper (Total 100 marks)- No MCQ
  • English 2nd paper (Total 50 marks)- No MCQ
  • Mathematics (Total 100 marks)-40 marks
  • General Science (Total 100 marks)-40, arks
  • Social Science (Total 100 marks)- 40 marks
  • Islamic Studies (Total 100 marks)- 40 marks
  • Agriculture Science/Home Economics- 100 marks)
  • Physical Education and Health – 50 marks
  • Arts and Crafts – 50 marks
  • Work and life Oriented Education – 50 marks (Newly Added).
A order is declared, Work and life Oriented Education for class eight students, Career Studies and Information Communication Technology for class Nine-Ten students on Tuesday by the Dhaka Education Board.

A T M Moinul Hossen, School Investigator of Dhaka Education Board said that all education institutions and legal authorities are acknowledged and it has been uploaded in the education board website already.

It is said on order of Education board. To develop of Class Six to Class Nine-Ten education curriculum NCTB has prepared all text books already by the order of National principles for education-2010. Marks are distributed by the refined and developed curriculum.

JSC Result 2016 Bangladesh

Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) results will publish on 30 December, 2016. This year, JSC and JDC examinations have been taken 7 November to 20 November. 20 laks 90 thousands and 692 students have taken part in this year in JSC. So, students are waiting for JSC Scholarship Result 2016.

Now it’s only time to publish results. Are you waiting for JSC OR JDC 2016 results? Today, we are sharing the ay a tips to get JS OR JC results.

JSC Result 2016

In Junior School Certificate-2016, 14 laks 90 thousands and 45 students were participated and 12 laks 31 thousands and 880 students were passed. In Dhaka, Rajsahi, Comilla, Chitagong, Barisal, Sylhet and Dinajpur in total eight education board conduct JSC examinations. In JSC,2016 it was participated 1.25 laks female students than boys students. Get fast your JSC Exam Result 2016.

Junior Dakhil Certificate or JDC Result 2016

Junior Dhakhil Certificate or JDC is an equivalent examination which is hold under secondary education boards. To take part in these examination students should be passes test examination of class eight from any certified Madrasha under Bangladesh Education Board and is to seat final examinations decided by the board. JSC examinations are taken in all eight education board at a uniform time. So, students also waiting for JDC Result 2016.

Collect the JSC Result 2016 from own institutions

You can collect the JSC Exam Result 2016 of JSC or JDC, 2016 from the own institutions. After publishing the results, go to your institutions. You can get the results easily from there.

Get JSC / JDC result via online from website

From online, the JSC or JDC, 2016 results will publish in the official website of secondary education board. It will be available after noon on 30 December, 2016. To get JSC or JDC results please visit http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd.

Here is the alternative, just created an unofficial tools that will show you the result by finding from the education board archive. For this, firstly visit this link. You will get some boxes like education board. There select name of the examination, year of examination, name of the board and write the roll number in another box. Now do double click on the last button. Try it for 3-4 times, In Shah Allah you will get the result because it has been created by testing before. And please remember that it is an unofficial website so please try the regular one first.

Get JSC result 2016 BD via SMS

Knowing result via mobile SMS is the easiest way of knowing the public examination result. You can also get your JSC or JDC result via mobile SMS. You can get it by costing Tk. 2 only.

To get JSC result, 2016 via SMS is to follow the steps:

Type in the message options JSC First 3 letter of your board JSC Roll Number 2016, And send it to 16222
Example: JSC DHA 1234567 2016 & Send to 16222

You will get your desired JSC, 2016 result via reply SMS. SMS charge only TK. 2 + VAT. SMS can be send from any mobile operator. 

Best of luck to all JSC and JDC examinee . hope all wil do a desired standard result. You can also contact with me for any kinds of news relating to the result.

JSC Exam 2016 Exclusive Suggestion

  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Bengali 1st Paper
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Bengali 2nd Paper
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: English 1st Paper
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: English 2nd Paper
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Mathematics
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Science
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Bangladesh and Bishoporichoy
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Agriculture
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Sharirik Shikkha O Shasto
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Arts and Crafts
  • JSC Exam Suggestion 2016 Question Patterns: Work and life-oriented education
JSC Result 2016 All Education Board Result in Bangladesh. Junior School certificate (JSC) Result will be published in 27 December, 2016 Announced by Bangladesh Education Board. You will Get Your JSC Result 2016 first form here. 

Bangladesh Education Board Official Result site www.educationboardresults.gov.bd when Published JSC Result after that you can Easily to Find your Junior School Certificate Result 2016 here. This site Education board official Result site alternative source site.

So Don’t forget to Bookmark the site with pressing Ctrl+D to Get Easily your Junior School certificate (JSC) Result 2016 First Form help this site.
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For All Education Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Dhaka Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Comilla Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Rajshahi Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Khulna Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Barisal Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Chittagong Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Sylhet Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Jessore Board
  • JSC Exam Result 2016 For Dinajpur Board
  • JDC Exam Result 2016 For Madrasah Board
We also provide all of JSC Examiner is How to get JSC Result 2016 form Institute, SMS Method and also Internet to very easily. It is a Very Most of Important part is When Bangladesh Education Board Published Junior School certificate (JSC) Result 2016 Then their Official website server will be busy. So many kinds of student can not to check his JSC Result 2016 From Internet. So we are provide you another way to get Easily of your Result.

Get Your JSC Result 2016 from own Institute

You can get your Result from your own School very Easily. When Published Junior School Certificate (JSC) Result 2016 Then you Go to your own Institute and Find Your Result from there very Easily.

Check Your JSC Result 2016 From Online

If you want to Check your JSC Result From Internet so Open Your Browser and Go to Education board Result official website such as educationboardresults.gov.bd and get your Result. But it is a very Difficult because their server will be busy. So you also can Check your Junior School Certificate (JSC) Result 2016 From Internet also First From Here.

SMS Method to Check Your JSC Result 2016 all Education Board

And also you can Check SMS Method to Get Your Junior School Certificate (JSC Result 2016) Following Bellow Steps :

JSC [SPACE] Your Board three Laters [SPACE] Roll Number [SPACE] 2016 And Send it 16222.
Example for Student : JSC DHA 2016 and send it 16222.

For JSC Exam Result 2016 All Education Board three laters:
  • JSC Result 2016 Dhaka Education board – DHA
  • JSC Result 2016 Rajshahi Education board – RAJ
  • JSC Result 2016 Comilla Education board – COM
  • JSC Result 2016 Barisal Education board – BAR
  • JSC Result 2016 Chittagong Education board – CHI
  • JSC Result 2016 Jessore Education board – JES
  • JSC Result 2016 Dinajpur Education board – DIN
  • JSC Result 2016 Sylhet Education board – SYL
  • JDC Result 2016 Madrasah Board - MAD
If you Don’t Understand to Any topic Or not to do Find your Result quickly? HI! Fell Free and Comment your Problem to get your JSC Result From any way!!

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